Maison Verte

The goal of this project is to help with building a brand and marketing workshops that are tailored towards food system/food economic education.

This specific project has a positive social impact that addresses two things. One, increasing trends of food shortages & the rising cost of food. Two, building a trusted food system where there is recognition of where food comes from. People will be able to build a new skill set around growing their food or an understanding of food systems.




Diana Valdes: Client Relations
& Workshop focused

Joy Smith: User Research
& Workshop focused

Laura Macneil: Presenter
& Branding focused

Amanda Yeung: Organizer & Branding focused

Design Challenge organized by Design.local


The sustainable food community will elevate and grow stronger through sharing their learns and experiences on growing meaningful yields of food from their own home. We would like people to become self-sufficient, and grow in confidence to the point that they are willing to experiment & share their learnings back with the community as citizen scientists.

As the initial design challenge has a large scope, we decided to extend how much time we would dedicate to research so that we could fully grasp where we could offer the most value. As such, we decided to extend the project timeline from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

As expected, the scope of helping a newly formed social enterprise was indeed quite large with many possible parallel offerings.


We created a branding guideline for maison verte to maintain branding consistency throughout all their platforms.


The tier system encourages workshop attendees to attend more than one workshop which also creates brand loyalty. The clients are content when they reach these different tiers as it is an achievement.


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